Overdraft Protection

Phelps County Bank offers overdraft services as an option for customers who prefer to avoid having their debit card declined at retailers and ATMs when the dollar amount of transactions exceeds the amount of funds available in the account. As a PCB customer, you can decide if you’d like this optional overdraft service. 

To Enroll:

Call us at (800) 667-5202. We can add Overdraft Protection to your checking account in just a few minutes over the phone. PCB customers can also visit any of our four locations to enroll. 

More about Overdraft Protection:

If you are trying to complete a purchase at a retailer or requesting cash from an ATM and either of these transactions would cause your account to be overdrawn, authorizing your debit card for our overdraft services allows the bank to consider letting these transactions go through.

There is no cost to enroll in the service and it is at the bank’s discretion to allow a transaction to overdraw an account, but if Phelps County Bank authorizes a debit card transaction into overdraft, an overdraft fee will apply.

If you do not authorize the overdraft services with your debit card, the transactions would be declined and you would need to find another method to complete the purchase or get the cash you were requesting.